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What is reincarnation?

Reincarnation is based on the belief in the existence of an eternal soul which incarnates many times while gathering experience with the aim of evolution.

In the polarity of the material world the soul experiences many facettes of life and various emotions. The subconscious stores all of these events as in a computer hard drive. During the current lifetime certain earlier lifetimes are being activated which are geared to help the individual to evolve.

Regression Therapy (RT) serves the purpose of exploring the past

a) for self-awareness and expansion of consciousness
b) for locating and solving problems.

What kind of problems can be explored?

  • recurring behaviour patterns
  • fears, apprehensions, aversions
  • inhibitions and repressions
  • problems in relationships
  • psychosomatics
  • The meaning of one’s personal life

The purpose of regression therapy and past life therapy:

  • To become aware of deep-seated problems and patterns and by reliving their causes to release the stuck, tied up energy,
  • To define and adopt alternative types of behaviours
  • To draw the utmost benefit and gains from understanding the past and based on these realizations being able to manage the present lifetime more successfully and creatively.
  • To experience one’s own true self in a new creative and profound way.

The procedure

  • The first session in regression therapy is called life analysis during which the main topics of the client are being discussed. Your individual therapeutic measures are laid out (decided?) in a specific (therapeutic) plan.
  • After having completed this life’s analysis outlining your most important issues and defining your karmic mission you can engage in the profound process of past life therapy:
  1. Life’s Analysis
  2. Relieving problematic incidents in this life
  3. Regression of your own prenatal and birth
  4. Regression into past lives.

Problem solving

In Regression therapy we believe that all problems originate in avoidance and repression of negative incidents which are based in present time, in childhood, in prenatal as well as in earlier lives.

Which method of regression do you use?

The regressions are being induced without hypnosis by means of associative questioning technique. Belief systems and fixed conclusions, emotions, physical sensations are being expressed and relived in the regression thus releasing any negative energy connected with them.

After the regression the contents of the incident along with its psychological effects are being discussed and analyzed thoroughly. When we fully understand the nature and workings of repressed incidents, we can release them and eventually free ourselves from the past.

Which methods of regressions are being used?

There are a number of regression techniques, e.g. the counting down with numbers of years, centuries and you stop at a certain time, there are symbols people use like descending with an elevator and when the door opens a scenery of a past life may appear, some use the symbol of diving and finding a pearl - when this opens, also a past life image may appear.

There are regression types evading trauma, and only stick to the non-problematic areas. There is the regression induced with hypnotic command or with relaxation techniques which can ease access to the past life.

How many life times are there?

Surely we have experienced numerous life times in different cultures and various life forms. Since the eternal soul has always existed even before matter was created, the soul has had a large spectrum of ways to express itself in this universe.

For regressions to be effective we only need to focus on those lifetimes that are linked with our current tasks and areas of conflict. A complete regression intensive aiming to handle the causes of all major karmic issues (brought into this life) usually encompasses thorough past life work of about 10 - 15 lifetimes

How can one know one’s karma, one’s life task?

All recurring patterns are an indication of karmic issues to be solved. Also our potentials and fortés have been prepared in past lives and we often continue to deepen our knowledge and capacity in various areas of knowledge thru several lifetimes.

Which potentials and qualities do I need in order to solve this issue satisfactorily?“ This question will lead us to the karmic task.

How do you explain the growing number of people on earth? Are there more souls incarnating now than before?

Many past life therapists have observed that there is not necessarily an increase of souls incarnating on earth, but definitely the intervals of the between-lives have shortened drastically..

Can everyone find their past lives?

If a person is interested to find out about their past, past lives will reveal themselves, sometimes by a flashback, an image, a memory. When you address past lives in a regression, you have already discussed the patterns and areas of conflict before entering the regression. So with an effective questioning technique, past life images will surge and we will pursue them into a full-fledged regression. Since there are many indications of past lives, it is easier to spot them than most people think. .

What are indications of past lives?

  • our talents, interests, potentials, passions
  • all recurring issues in this life
  • favorite books, favorite movies reflect past life memories
  • conflicts, problems
  • emotions, anger, fear
  • blocks, repression, evasion

How is death being experienced?

Usually when soul detaches from the body there is a light feeling, uplifted, a feeling of freedom. The soul will realize how well the purpose of the last lifetime was reached and formulate the next goal for the upcoming life. The state of the soul does depend on the way the last life was lived and how it ended. Someone may die in a feeling of guilt which then can cause the soul to feel heavy because of the remorse. The soul often stays around the people and the environment of its last lifetime for a few days or weeks. If a person died very suddenly or in a confusion, the soul may not realize in the afterlife that the body has dies - living in a confused state for quite some time.

How long does a soul stay in the between lives area?

It is an observation that due to an acceleration process we incarnate in shorter intervals. A few thousand years ago souls stayed in the between lives area for hundreds of years, now they re-incarnation within few months or years.

Do we have a free will or is our fate pre-set?

We do have a free will, after all that is the basis of the law of Karma that we are creators of our fate - the quality of our thoughts, decisions and our deeds create the basis for the future. Once we have launched our activitities, they present a challenge at a later date and cannot be avoided. So even though we may not recognize it but everything we are encountering is somewhat linked to the incidents we have created in the past. It is very liberating to become aware that there is no co-incidence, and life is very wise to present us the challenges as to make us grow and use our power in a responsible way. THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE! Forgetting and avoiding keeps you in the cycle of reincarnation!

What is the difference between regression therapy and psychotherapy?
Kann man sich selbst rückführen?

There are more common denominators than differences: They both are trying to solve problems, understand and release the past, handle the cause of emotions and illness, reconcile people, get rid of depression and negativity and create a positive outlook on life. The difference is the time span in which one looks for the causes of problems - in regression therapy we are exploring this life, prenatal and birth and past lives, trying to find victim and victimizers, bad and good decisions, where it all started in past cultures, other roles, other morals and outlooks on life. We look at the current life as a rather new episode in a long series of lifetimes.


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